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Russian Paintings Gallery - painting gallery dedicated to the contemporary Russian fine art: painting, graphic arts, batic, art object, sculpture, icon, mosaic, art embroidered painting, art dolls, art glass, art enamel, hand-made copies of paintings, wall painting, аpplied arts, aerography arts, prints, giclees, posters, portrait on order, photography.

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03 November 2015 14:18:26 Белов

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Gennadiy Lysak - 'Birth of Life'
03 November 2015 14:57:04 Белов
Очень трудоемкая работа 5+

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Yuri Klapoukh - 'Scarlet Flower'
03 November 2015 15:14:31 Белов
Два одинаковых лица.

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Nikolay Panfilcev - 'Temptation'
03 November 2015 21:09:35 Белов
Это вид с парковки?
Красочно на 5++

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Nikoly Sivenkov - 'The Rosa Khutor in Spring (the Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi)'