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Russian Paintings Gallery - painting gallery dedicated to the contemporary Russian fine art: painting, graphic arts, batic, art object, sculpture, icon, mosaic, art embroidered painting, art dolls, art glass, art enamel, hand-made copies of paintings, wall painting, аpplied arts, aerography arts, prints, giclees, posters, portrait on order, photography.


FAQ, frequently asked questions and answers
Question: How to arrange the artworks on my page in a certain order?

Answer: To arrange the artworks in a specific order on your page, use the 'Sort' field in the list of artist's artworks.


The smaller the number set in the 'Sort' field, the closer to the top of the list on the artist's page are the artworks. In case of the equal sorting, the most recent added artworks are located at the beginning of the list.
Question: It is not clear how to add new artworks. There is no any visible link, as on other sites, 'ADD ARTWORK'. Please, explain!


1. Login to the site.
2. Click on the artist's name in the Personal area under the 'Submit Artworks' title.
3. Go to the 'Artist's Artworks' section.
4. If the artist has no artworks, the form will be visible instantly. If the artist already has artworks, click the 'Add new artwork' link.


PS. If the artist is not added to the site yet, then study the How to Submit Artworks guide.
Question: I added my artworks, but after a while they have been removed by the moderator. Why?

Answer: The most common reason for removal of the artworks is poor quality of the photographs. These include:

- file quality is too bad, there are artifacts, low resolution (less than 96 dpi);
- the image is artificially increased;
- unsharp image;
- edges of the image are not cropped, angles are not equal 90 degrees;
- the image has extraneous markings (logos or addresses of the third-party sites, various inscriptions on or below the image);
- artwork title, artwork description are misspelled, including the lowercase first letter.

The artworks may be deleted if the Administration considers them to be offensive, vulgar or of inappropriate professional quality.

We respect our users and visitors.
Question: How do I set avatar for the site and the forum?

Answer: Avatar can be set in the Personal area, menu Registration Data.

Note: Do not use avatars violating generally accepted moral and ethical standards, containing advertising, similar to those already existing to the extent of mixing. (Web Site Service Agreement, p.6.1.2)
Question: How to subscribe to the RSS-feed of our portal?

Answer: The RSS-feed of our portal is working now. The RSS-feed will contain news about the new artists and their artworks, as well as articles for the last time. Subscription to the feed may be done in the browser menu or by following the links:

English version of the portal
Russian version of the portal

Question: How much should I pay you in case I sell my artworks on your site?

Answer: The minimum amount of commission is 15%, the maximum is 40%. The amount of commission is selectable in the user's Personal area after submission of the artist's artworks. If the user submit several artists, the the amount of commission is selectable for each artist. The higher the percentage of the commission chosen by the user, the higher the rating of the artist and his artworks on the site.

For more information:

Web Site Service Agreement (p.8.1)
How to Submit Artworks (p.8)
Question: During addition or editing of the artwork I submit some special characters, then it is not possible to save the form because an error appears.

Answer: All special characters are allowed when you enter a title and a brief description for the artwork excepting the < and >.
Question: I did not visit the site for a long time. And then I noticed that my page was deactivated or completely removed from the site, along with all the artworks. Why?

Answer: If you did not confirm the actuality of information for the artist and his artworks for more than one month, the artist and his artworks can be removed from the site at the discretion of the administration. Confirmation of the information and setting of periods of absence are to be made in the personal area in the 'Actuality of Information' section of each artist.

Question: I am the unique artist (author of artworks, owner of artworks). I have submitted many artworks on your site, but my rating is low in your system. What to do?

Answer: Rating is based on the complex algorithm. Some details of the calculating of the rating are indicated in the article The Rating of Artist on the Site as the Factor of Success and Loyalty.
Question: How to translate the title of the artwork and keywords into the English of Russian language?

Answer: You can use online translators to translate artworks titles and keywords into English or Russian. In most cases, automatic translations of short sentences are quite correct.


Note: Automatic translations of long texts (artworks descriptions, creative biographies) in most cases are incorrect and will be most likely rejected by the site moderator.
Question: How to login (enter) to the site?


Question: How to remove an artist or an user from your website?

Answer: To remove an artist, remove all his artworks first. The artist will become inactive in the system. All such inactive artists will be removed within the 24 hours.

To remove an user, please, email the site administration to the email address listed in the Contacts section.

Question: Which browser is best to use for this site?

Answer: Site is developed on the cross-browser basis. Site should work properly and fulfill all that the creators have laid into it in any modern browser.
Question: Unable to contact the administrator and send the artworks to re-check. How to do it?

Answer: There is the Contacts page on the site.

It is better to disturb the administrator only if you have made the high-quality photographs of the artworks. If photographs are blurred, uncircumcised, with glare, they will not be allowed on this site.
Question: Is it possible to define artwork technique as "mixed", "author", etc.?

Answer: No. It is obligatory to specify in details, otherwise the artwork will be removed. For example, oil, acrylic.
Question: How to forbid certain users commenting of all artworks of submitted by me artists?

Answer: In the Personal area follow to the Comments section. You will see comments to artworks of the submitted by you artists, if any.

Click the Who commented link on the yellow field. Click the Forbid link in front of the user name to whom you want to forbid commenting of submitted by you artworks.

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