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Vedernikova Elena

Artist Vedernikova Elena
City: Izhevsk, Russia
Web-address: batik.russianpaintings.net
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Registration: 27 February 2018
Total: 38,22
Batic: 38,22
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Elena Vedernikova was born in Glazov, Russia, in 1972. In 1994 she graduated from the visual arts department of the Udmurt State University in Izhevsk, Russia. Her specialty was textile arts and painting on silk. Since then Elena has been working as a batik artist for thirteen years. Currently her works can be found in multiple private collections in Russia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy and the USA. The artist offers the viewer two ways of perceiving her paintings: the external contemplative method and the internal method of interpreting the artist's intentions. Most of Vedernikova's batik paintings address the theme of femininity and a multitude of its variations. Grief, alarm, self-affirmation, sexuality, witchcraft are only a few of the emotions and themes that one experiences and ponders while looking at Elena Vedernikova's paintings. Vedernikova's visual style is original. The smooth flowing and vibrant line in every batik paiting seems endless, capable of creating many images on its way. Imperceptibly it can turn a flower into a young woman, the young woman into a tree, the tree into a cathedral. This happens in dreams, particularly in beautiful dreams of creative souls. Dreams turn into wishes.