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Pawlov Peter

Artist Pawlov Peter
City: Ulyanovsk, Russia
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Total: 138
Painting: 135
Graphic Arts: 3
Registration: 26 July 2018
Total: 1 026,96
Painting: 1 017,43
Graphic Arts: 9,53
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Pawlov Peter (1937-2010) is the People's Artist of Russia.

Graduated from the Sverdlovsk Art College in 1962. Graduated from the Moscow State Institute of Painting of V.I. Surikov in 1968. During 1969-1974 - teacher at the Teachers Training Institute in Cheboksary and later at the Art College in 1980.

The member of the Union of Artists of Russian since 1970.

Artist's years of studying passed during the period when the "severe" style became firmly established in fine art, and this style was based on the best traditions of Russian art of the 20s years of the 20th century. His first work "Soldiers of Red army" showed him as a real master of art, and he was immediately invited to the All-Russia exhibition.

After the "Soldiers" Pawlov created several other paintings in the same style - "Land", "Red ploughmen", "Meditation", "To the partisans". It seems that the artist got the brush directly from the painters of the 20s, improved their style and continued traditions of the philosophical attitude to the reality of the past and present.

In all of his paintings Pawlov follows his own principles of creating the picture. The restraint of figurative intonation is characteristic for the artist, as well as the absence of numerous details, laconicism of the form, which leads to the expansion of a semantic field of an painting.

Today the well-known artist of our country, works more in portrait and landscape genres, therefore among his works there is a great number of portraits, landscapes and still life paintings.

In 1982 Pawlov was awarded a Silver medal of the Academy of Fine arts of RSFSR. His name is also included in the reference book "Artists of the XX century " (1998) published by the American Biographic Institute. He was also a correspondent member of the International Academy of Information at the United Nations in 1993.

The paintings of Peter Pawlov are in the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, in museums and private collections of Kabo-Verde, Brasilia, the USA, France, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, South Korea, Bulgaria, Japan, Hong Kong and so on.

The last main exhibitions:

1994, 1996 - Personal exhibitions in Cabo-Verde.


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