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Kudryavtsev-Dobrohotov Yuri Nikolaevich

Artist Kudryavtsev-Dobrohotov Yuri Nikolaevich
City: Moscow, Russia
Web-address: kudryavtsev.russianpaintings.net
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Total: 20
Painting: 20
Registration: 24 December 2014
Total: 259,20
Painting: 259,20
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Born 21.11.1944 in academic town Monino near Moscow. Practices landscape (since 1965) and also abstract painting (since 1985). Pays most attention to the plasticity of color compositions in landscapes and abstracts as well, and to some kind of spiritual plasticity of color correlations and color-forms, calling all it - symchromia, symchromism – i.e. compound harmonies of derived colour multitudes.
Got art education through his family; familiar and rather famous painters (A.Labas, T.Jablonskaya); reading art critics and artists' notes and letters; exhibitions and museums; and, first of all, permanently practicing landscape painting on Nature (since 1965), especially, due to the leisure time which gave him his teaching Arabic language at the Moscow MGIMO-University – since he graduated it (in diplomacy) in 1968 and began teaching (1970).
Since 1974 participated in exhibitions of the painting section of the Young Artists Association of the Moscow Union of Artists, then, mostly, at the Moscow art hall in the spring International Salons.
Lives and works in Moscow, and its surroundings. Since 1975 prefers landscape painting near Chernigov (Ukraine) in the Artists' house "Sednev" – mainly on the Snov river.