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Krainev Sergey

Artist Krainev Sergey
City: Engels, Russia
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Total: 12
Painting: 12
Registration: 07 August 2015
Total: 164,79
Painting: 164,79
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I am Sergey Krainev, the artist from Engels city (Saratov region).
Born in 1974. Graduated from the Saratov School of Culture.
My city is known for the memories of the first human in space, Yuri Gagarin, who landed nearby after his historical flight in 1961.
Why are my pictures devoted to the space? I am indeed attracted by the stars in the night sky, planets, the sun, cosmos. Millions of stars do exist in our galaxy and uncountable set of planets too! Such galaxies are not rare in the universe, and the fact really should bewitch. The mysterious and huge world surrounds us and humans were always both afraid and admired with it, aspired to learn its secrets. The space research, new materials, space flights and creation of orbital stations — all of this is interesting and fascinating for me. And, I hope, not only for me. Probably my works will make someone stop looking only at one's life underfoot, but sometimes cast a glance at the sky. Cosmos is truly infinite space for imagination where riddles are innumerable.
I paint pictures with oil and acrylic paints. Various materials are used: canvas, cardboard and fiberboard. In my techniques I try to follow photographic accuracy of the image.
My works are exhibited in museums and purchased by private collectors. One of my paintings, "1975. Leonov on the Moon", is in the collection of the cosmonaut of the USSR Georgy Grechko. Here it is possible to get the pictures which attracted your attention. Pre-ordered work also is possible.
It is neither typographical prints nor copies of other artists' ideas — you obtain original author's handwork.

Member of the Artists' Union of Russia (Saratov oblast regional organization).