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Kashchenko Veronika

Artist Kashchenko Veronika
City: Moscow, Russia
Web-address: goldpicture.russianpaintings.net
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Total: 5
Painting: 1
Prints, Giclees, Posters: 4
Registration: 22 June 2018
Total: 64,13
Painting: 13,41
Prints, Giclees, Posters: 50,72
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Veronika Kashchenko was born in Belgorod in 1980.
Currently lives and works in Moscow.
Russian artist, works in oil. Veronica's works are kept in private collections around the world, but you can order a copy of the painting printed on canvas.
Bright, complex and unusual style of the author touches the deepest thoughts and secret desires of the human soul.