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Ermolenko Alexander

Artist Ermolenko Alexander
City: Almaty, Kazakhstan
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Total: 59
Painting: 59
Registration: 30 October 2016
Total: 644,79
Painting: 644,79
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Alexander Ermolenko graduated from the Art Department of the National Teachers University, Almaty City, Republic of Kazakstan in 1976.

He has taken part in various art exhibitions. He was assigned to teach at Krupskaya University in Semipalatinsk city after he finished his national military service in 1978. He worked (was painting) at the Calture Department of Talgar city and along with other painters of Talgar city took part in a number of exhibitions at that time.

Since 1990, he has been pursuing his painting professionally. During the subsequent 17 years, there have been more than 1200 paintings and sketches collected by more than 20 countries. During this period he attended 18 different kinds of art exhibitions.

His works have been collected by the embassies of foreign countries, offices of various departments, as well as large companies such as the Rakhat Palace Hotel and Exon Mobil Corporations.

Alexander loves nature. Therefore, the themes of his artworks are often spruces on mountains, cliffs, the burning sun, highlands, tan-colored deserts, sand dunes, bushes, lespedeza woods, the length and breadth of plains, rivers and lakes.


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