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Egorov Anatoliy

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City: Moscow, Russia
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Registration: 12 December 2017
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Art Photography: 1 629,82
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Anatoliy Egorov (1907-1986) began to photograph in 1923. Became the photographer in the "Rabochaya Moskva"  newspaper in 1929.

Was traveling around the Soviet Union before the World War II. Was on friendly terms with the famous aviators Chkalov, Gromov, Kokkinaki, etc.

During the World War II was the correspondent of the war newspaper "Vo Slavu Rodiny". Was the special correspondent of the "Isvestiya" newspaper. Since 1944, was working in the "Frontovye Illustracii" newspaper. Finished the war on the Far East taking photos of military actions against the Japan. Was wounded into the head. Was awarded by orders and medals.

Was working in the following newspapers after the war: "Illyustrirovannaya Gazeta" , "Krasnaya Zvezda", "Isvestiya", "Sovetskaya Rossiya".

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