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Devochkin Vladimir

Artist Devochkin Vladimir
City: Saint-Petersburg, Russia
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Total: 17
Painting: 17
Registration: 04 December 2017
Total: 183,49
Painting: 183,49
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Vladimir Devochkin was born Siberia in 1936. 

Novosibirsk was the city where he spent the days of his childhood and youth. 

His first teacher of painting was G.Kachalskiy, a national artist of Russia. 

Entered Krasnoyarsk College of Art named after Vasily Surikov and after his graduation day he started to devote much time to traveling all over the Krasnoyarsk region, absorbing and accumulating the impressions which he gained from the nature of Russia.

Now more than 300 of his works are kept in various private collections of Russia, Germany, Israel and New Zealand. 

Took part in different personal and group exhibitions. Some of them are:

2004-2007 - the group exhibition on Manege, Saint Petersburg, Russia;

2005 - the international Art-fair, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Died in 2014.