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Braginskiy Arthur

Artist Braginskiy Arthur
City: Budapest, Hungary
Contacts: Letter to the artist or his/her representative
Total: 234
Painting: 220
Hand-made Copies of Paintings: 1
Order Portrait: 13
Registration: 14 February 2013
Total: 3 694,85
Painting: 3 576,10
Hand-made Copies of Paintings: 8,44
Order Portrait: 110,31
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Braginskiy Arthur was born in Mukachevo on the 25 the June in 1965.
Graduated from the Mukachevo art school in 1982.
Studied in the Lviv Polygraphic Institute of I.Fedorov.
Worked as the lights artist in the regional philharmonic (Uzhgorod) between the 1987 to 1989, later – in the Russian dramatic theater as the artist-property man.

Personal exhibitions:

1991 - personal exhibition, Uzhgorod, Ukraine;
1992 - personal exhibition, Stuttgart, Germany;
2001 - personal exhibition, Zalaegerszeg, Hungary;
2001 - personal exhibition, Vonyarcvashegy, Hungary;
2002 - personal exhibition in the Festetic museum, Keszthely, Hungary;
2003 - personal exhibition, Budapest, Hungary;
2005 - personal exhibition, Chakvar Hungary;
2006 - personal exhibition, Zalaegerszeg, Hungary;
2007 - personal exhibition, Bad Windsheim, Germany;
2007 - ArtEXPO, Paris, France;
2007 - exhibition of Hungarian artists, Salzburg, Austria;
2008 - 'Portraits' in the Gostiniy Dvor, Moscow, Russia;
2008 - 'Art Salon', Moscow, Russia;
2008 - 'X-Show', Moscow, Russia;
2008 - exhibition in the private gallery, Vienna, Austria;
2008 - 'Art Event', Antwerpen, Belgium;
2008 - 'Lineart Gent', Belgium;
2008 - awarded by the 'Talent and Vocation' medal by the worldwide alliance 'Peacemaker';
2009 - art salon, Moscow, Russia;
2009 - exhibition in the The Historical museum, Tallin, Estonia;
2009 - exhibition in the Karoly palace, Budapest, Hungary;
2009 - 'Art Manege' art fair, Moscow, Russia;
2010 - exhibition in the private gallery, Vienna, Austria;
2010 - exhibition in the Duna palace, Budapest, Hungary;
2010 - 'The International Galleries Exposition', Beijing, China;
2010 - 'The Eastern & Oriental Fine Art' fair, London, United Kingdom.
2011 - 'Lineart Gent', Belgium;
2012 - 'The 21st Century Art & Artists' exhibition in the private gallery, the Euro-Asian Art center, Vienna, Austria;
2013 - 'Art Revolution' art show, Taipei, Taiwan;
2013 - exhibition 'Erotica'13', Lausanne, Switzerland.

Takes part in the international planners in Hungary and in Ukraine since 1994.


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