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Beryezin Andrey

Artist Beryezin Andrey
City: Samara, Russia
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Total: 28
Painting: 28
Registration: 11 July 2013
Total: 289,70
Painting: 289,70
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Member of All-Russia Creative Public Organization 'Union of Arts of Russia'.
Member of the International Association of Art AIAP UNESCO.

Was born in 1965, on the 3d of November. His father and grandfather were professional artists. Finished 8 years of a comprehensive school. In 1981 entered the Samara Art College, painting and pedagogical faculty. Graduated from it in 1985 with the graphic diploma, with an 'excellent' mark. From 1986 for 1988 served in the Army. In 1990 entered the Togliatti branch of Samara Pedagogical Institute, the faculty of painting and drawing. In 1993 graduated with the graphic diploma with an 'excellent' mark and specially awarded by the state commission.

Since 1989 works as the teacher of drawing, painting and composition at Municipal children's art school №2.
Since 2001 – a member of Union of Arts of Russia.

A.E. Berezin participated in the following exhibitions:

1. Regional youth exhibitions of Union of Arts of Samara in 1984, 1985, 1987.
2. Exhibition of young artists 'Friday, 13', the Regional library, April, 1991.
3. Regional exhibition of the modern art 'Sam. Art.', the Kuibyshev Arts Museum, December, 1991.
4. Regional exhibition of Union of Arts of Russia in the Samara Art Museum, February, 1993.
5. A.Berezin and O. Medvedev's joint exhibition in arts studio in Maslennikov drive, March, 1993.
6. The Regional exhibition of book graphics in showroom of the Union of Arts of Russia, Samara, September 1993.
7. Regional exhibition 'A Teacher and a Pupil' in the Samara Art Museum, November, 1993.
8. Regional exhibition of teachers of art-educational institutions in the Samara Art Museum, February, 1994.
9. Exhibition of the modern art 'Altera Natura', the Regional Museum of Local Lore, December, 1995.
10. Personal exhibition in private gallery, 2000.
11. The regional exhibition devoted to the WWII Victory day, showroom of the Union of Arts of Russia, 2001.
12. Anniversary exhibition '150 years of the Samara Region', the Samara Art Museum, 2001.
13. Regional exhibition 'The Big Volga', Volgograd, 2001.
14. Exhibition of young artists, the Municipal Children's gallery, May, 2002.
15. Exhibition 'The Illusion of Reality or the Reality of Illusion', three generations of artists: A.D. Berezin, E.A. Berezin, A.E. Berezin, showroom of Union of Artists of Russia, 2002.
16. Regional exhibition of Union of Artists of Russia, the Samara Art Museum, 2003.
17. The award of a regional exhibition 'the Big Volga', Nizhny Novgorod, 2003.
18. The exhibition 'Cyril and Mephody' devoted to the days of Slavic writing and culture, the showroom of the House of Artists of Russia, Samara, 2004.
19. Presentation 'The Portrait of Tsar's Man, Prince Grigory  Zasekin, the Founder of Samara City' in the Petr Alabin Regional Museum, May, 2005.
20. The award of the anniversary exhibition '400+20' devoted to the 420th anniversary of Samara city and the 20th anniversary of children's art school №2, September - October, 2005.
21. Personal exhibition, private gallery, February, 2006.
22. Presentation of artworks of the artist in the private gallery, May 2006.
23. Exhibition of self-portraits of teachers of art educational institutions of Samara Region, the Regional Children's Art gallery, July - August, 2006.
24. Exhibition of the summer artworks by the members of Union of Artists of Russia for the period of June - August, 2006, showroom of Union of Artists of Russia, September, 2006.
25. Regional exhibition of portraits by the members of Union of Artists of Russia, showroom of the House of Artists of Russia, Samara, September - October, 2006.