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Practical Advices

28 June 2011 03:28:26  The Instruction on Paintings Photographing

Preparing your images for publication on this site. Following the simple tips, you will be able to choose the right equipment and to select a location for shooting, to prepare the picture and equipment, to make shooting.

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22 March 2011 00:24:57  The Instruction on Images Preparation

Preparing your images for publication on this site. Following simple tips, you will be able to properly cut an image, resize it, adjust the brightness, contrast and colors, as well as to save it in the proper quality and format.

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The Instruction on Images Preparation

13 June 2014 01:52:37  Tips for Choosing Oil Paintings. How to Choose and Buy an Oil Painting

Are you considering purchasing an oil painting for you home? They can make any room in your home look great, but you need to make sure you consider a few things before you buy the first one you see. It's very important that the painting fits in with the rest of the room. The oil painting should compliment the color of your wall. If your walls are a light color, you should choose a painting that has bright colors. You want to try and match the colors of the painting to the color of your wall. You can use contrasting colors, however you need to make sure that they look good together.

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Andy Warhol. Monroe

14 June 2015 22:13:19  How to Frame a Painting

The frame is necessary in order to highlight the painting, focusing the viewer's attention on the image created by the artist. At the same time, the frame connects the painting with its surrounding space, entering the interior. Choosing the right painting frame gives completeness and highlights its beauty. How to properly frame the painting? What kind of frame to choose?

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16 June 2015 02:02:56  Storage and Tips on Taking Care of Paintings

It is important not only to understand the painting and to be able to select the picture, but also to observe some simple rules of storage of your paintings.

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Storage and Tips on Taking Care of Paintings

26 June 2015 00:55:10  How to Hang a Russian Painting on the Wall

After picking up and buying Russian paintings for our home we usually face another problem – how to hang them right and nicely around the house. There are some simple basic rules that might help us to handle it.

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How to Hang a Russian Painting on the Wall

30 June 2015 03:41:03  Russian Paintings for Personal Offices

Does themed art in personal office make any difference? Will it decrease stress? Can it improve productivity? What type of art to choose? These are some of the frequently asked questions people ask themselves when start talking about office decoration.

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Russian Paintings for Personal Offices

01 July 2015 04:21:33  Russian Paintings for Teenagers Rooms

Romantic plots of Russian paintings awaken in teenagers the desire for knowledge of the world, form the steady positive associative array, allowing to develop creative character, not sample thinking and healthy optimism.

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Russian Paintings for Teenagers Rooms

02 July 2015 04:18:24  Russian Paintings for Nurseries

We offer you the whole collection of amusing and lovely Russian paintings for nurseries. Any painting will allow not only to revive a nursery interior, but also to give it completeness, integrity, to create the harmony necessary in order that the child feel really comfortable.

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Russian Paintings for Nurseries

03 July 2015 06:43:02  Russian Paintings for Bedrooms

The Russian painting for a bedroom, first of all, should be selected according to a personal taste, but it is also worth paying attention to the combination of colours in general, to the style of the room and to the selection of details. Everything has to be harmonious!

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Russian Paintings for Bedrooms

10 July 2015 04:41:45  Russian Paintings for Living Rooms

To select the Russian painting for the living room you will need to experiment a bit. You need to know what colors would be the most relevant here in terms of the energy of the room.

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Russian Paintings for Living Rooms

12 July 2015 04:52:03  Russian Paintings for Billiard Rooms

For decoration of billiard halls and rooms we offer the unique series of Russian paintings on the billiard subjects. You can appreciate a few dozen of various modern and historical Russian paintings.

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Russian Paintings for Billiard Rooms

14 July 2015 04:05:46  Russian Paintings for Kitchens

Appetizing Russian still life or beautiful flowers will add a picturesque character to the kitchen and create harmony of abundance and cordial relations. Professionally framed Russian paintings wil emphasize individual style of your kitchen interior.

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Russian Paintings for Kitchens

20 July 2015 03:18:20  Russian Paintings for Cafes and Restaurants

Russian paintings for cafes and restaurants should emphasize the interior space. A well-chosen Russian paintings not only complement the interior space, but also will help to create a unique atmosphere of comfort.

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Russian Paintings for Cafes and Restaurants

26 July 2015 03:28:12  Russian Paintings for Guesthouses and Hotels

Russian paintings for rooms of guesthouses and hotels have to fit into the interior. Well suited soft, relaxing landscapes, animalistics and nudes. Do not choose Russian paintings that will excite the mind.

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Paintings for Guesthouses and Hotels

13 October 2014 05:32:30  Russian Paintings for Offices

Selection of Russian paintings for offices depends on tastes, preferences and kind of activity of a company. From the firm image point of view, it is the best to choose neutral subjects such as Russian classical seascapes and Russian landscapes, views of Venice by Russian painters, Russian modern cityscapes, semi-antique citycapes by Russian artists, abstractions by Russian painters.

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Russian Paintings for Offices

02 October 2014 01:25:36  Russian Paintings for Bathrooms

Recently it was not recommended to hang up Russian paintings or Russian posters in bathrooms with poor ventilation and high humidity. The reason was the inability of the canvas and paint to withstand exposure to moisture.

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Russian Paintings for Bathrooms