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Russian Paintings Gallery - painting gallery dedicated to the contemporary Russian fine art: painting, graphic arts, batic, art object, sculpture, icon, mosaic, art embroidered painting, art dolls, art glass, art enamel, hand-made copies of paintings, wall painting, аpplied arts, aerography arts, prints, giclees, posters, portrait on order, photography.

How to Buy Paintings

1. Select the desired artwork in the gallery. You can also use the site search form.

2. If the artwork is for sale, you will see the "Buy the painting" ("Buy the artwork") link under the image of it. If an artwork is not for sale, but it is possible to create an artist's copy of it, it will be the "Order the copy" link under the image of it. Click this link.

3. You will be asked to submit the order form (your name, e-mail, phone number, country and city of delivery, your wishes). Fill in the fields and click the "Submit order" button.

4. After receipt of your order, we convey it to the author of this artwork or representative of the artist. We send a notification to your e-mail.

5. Depending on your wishes, the transaction can be carried out in various ways: directly with the artist (artist representative) or through the mediation of the gallery. More detailed information on how to make a deal to buy artworks on this site can be found in the Rules of Selling Artworks.


Shipping cost and additional expenses (export permit, the cost of packing, insurance, etc.) are not included in the price of the artwork shown on the site and paid by the buyer. Delivery options (delivery method, cost, shipping time) are discussed individually in each case.

Ways of payment

Payment methods are discussed individually in each case. In all cases, the deposit of 100% of the value of artwork, shipping and additional expenses paid by the buyer via check, money order, wire transfer or by credit card on-line as agreed.

Framed / non-framed paintings

If a painting for sale is already framed, there is the "The artwork is framed" note under its image. The cost of a baguette is already included in the price of painting in such case. If there is the "The artwork is not framed" note under the image, the framing of the painting can be discussed with the artist.

Additional information

1. Please, note that all paintings and artworks offered for sale on this site are located with authors or their representatives. Place of residence of an artist is shown on the page with his biography, as well as on the page with the list of all artists. Since the shipping time and cost are directly dependent on the location of the artwork, this information should be considered before you submit an order.

If you want to buy a painting urgently, we would recommend to choose and order artworks created by artists living in your area. It will significantly save your time and money.

To search for artists by location, you can use the "Artist Search" form which can be found on the artists list page in the relevant sections of the gallery. You can also use the advanced artworks search.

2. If you order an author's copy, you need to understand that there is the creation time (from couple of days to several weeks). You should discuss the terms of the order with the administration of the gallery in such case.

3. If you want to buy a certain artwork but you cannot afford buying it, send your bid to us. We may be able to resolve the issue after discussion with the artist.

4. If you want to make an order by e-mail, were unable to find an artwork you are interested in or want to ask some relevant questions, email us to inforussianpaintings.net.