In our gallery there are paintings of different genres and styles. This makes your journey on our site interesting and informative. If you want to choose a picture for the office, your home or apartment, choose a suitable gift for your friends, enrich your collection with a new masterpiece, you may need the sense of beauty that is hidden deep within you. When you feel like having a lot in common with the state put into a painting by its painter, this picture is the one you need and perhaps it is worth buying. Having bought and hung a painting on the wall, you change the interior making it more cosy and giving joy to people looking at it.

Paintings inspire us to open a new world around us. Being unique echo of reality, each artwork has a unique character making our interior interesting and fresh. Bearing a little part of its painter’s talent, each picture fills our lives with light, inspires us to the aspiration for the better, induces us to live relishing the beautiful, reminds us of our dreams, wakes up our imagination, evokes our memories about beautiful places and memorable landscapes and teaches us to see the harmony and feel the vibration of life.

The real painting is the work of art. It can enliven any interior, convey a particular mood. It often happens that, while in the room, you feel empty and oppressive cold walls. Competently bought and correctly hanged pictures will help to rectify the situation. They will give the cozy atmosphere to all space, will not allow you get bored and will introduce harmony of beauty and perfection into your life.

An author’s painting absorbed the vibration of life, the soul of the painter. For the interior, in which you spend most of the time, it is better to buy an original painting created by the artist's hand in oil on canvas. Paintings most often causes positive emotions in the person. At home they create conditions for a good rest, recuperation and relaxation. Paintings are also suitable for the majority of public places like offices, schools, hotels, cafes and restaurants.

Creation of a picture is a unique creative process. Purchasing or ordering a painting from its painter is an equally interesting and educational process. In addition, it is a good and long-term investment of capital. The picture of the artist bears in itself a charge of his thoughts, experiences, creative torments, emotions, aspirations, has unique flavor and energy. Many people feel a sense of pleasure being surrounded by paintings even if the art is not included into a circle of their constant interests.

The main reference point when purchasing Russian paintings is your sensory perception, but not taste of your designer, friend or art critic. The painting by all means has to be pleasant first of all to you. Quite often you will observe it in your interior, and if the picture is not ideal, it will irritate you, and you will feel uncomfortable in a room. In this case everything loses its meaning: the painting cost, its painter, painting technique and the year of its creation. But if the painting evokes a positive response and besides successfully fits into an interior, then you will experience the mass of positive emotions and feeling of pleasure from correctly made acquisition...

What is a picture – luxury or a necessary element of decoration? What is its role in the interior? And whether it is necessary here at all, or is it something superfluous? Ultimately, from a practical point of view it is quite possible to live without paintings. It is difficult to guess the interior with no furniture, no curtains, without a clock, because all these things are the bearers of certain functions. And what is the mission of a painting? How to explain that this impractical element of the interior did not disappear during the evolution of a habitation?

In fact, our house gets our heart cute traits because of trifles. A painting in the interior enlivens the room, makes it spiritual and imparts integrity. The picture is "the last stroke" in creation of an interior, some kind of face of the house and people living in it. For this reason you need to carefully and consistently treat its choice.

Interior and paintings should be a single whole, harmoniously complementing each other. Before buying a painting from the artist, you can confer with him, discuss the style of your interior. The painter has the professional experience and can recommend you the most correct decision: to purchase an already created painting or to order a new one taking your wishes into account. You can order a painting directly from the painters in our art gallery.

To please any person, it is necessary to present him a gift that will affect his soul, will give food to reflections and contemplations, will give positive emotions. Picture as a gift is one of the few things to win the heart. If you ever bought a painting for the present, then you already know that this is difficult and fascinating occupation. Purchasing a picture as a gift, you need to consider not only the preferences and tastes of the person who will receive the gift, but the features of the room interior where the painting will hang. Choosing a picture for a present, you should always consider its genre.

How to please a beloved woman for example on the Saint Valentine’s Day or on the International Women’s Day? If your choice has fallen on a painting, then undoubtedly the picture with beautiful flowers will be a magnificent gift. Flowers in a painting bear a charge of freshness and certainly will remind of the presenter. The beautiful and correctly chosen painting is a gift which will be always noticed. You will always be remembered fondly if you buy a painting as a gift for the New Year, wedding, birthday, anniversary, housewarming. For a holiday it is possible to order and present a portrait of the hero of the anniversary, to buy an original painting by the contemporary Russian painter or to acquire the hand-made copy of a masterpiece of an old master. A painting as a gift to the head or a business partner is the sign of the good taste.

Sale of Russian artists paintings is traditionally performed in art salons, galleries, exhibitions, vernissages and auctions of pictures worldwide. Presently the increasing popularity is won by online stores of paintings which of course is not incidentally. Simply submit phrases on search sites like "buy paintings", "painting for gift", "order Russian painting", "Russian paintings gallery", "oil painting" or "order portrait" to see the huge variety of proposals. Sale of pictures is the activity demanding special professional knowledge in the arts and also subtle psychological approach and certain qualities of character for a successful communication with both painting buyers and painters. The combination of all these and many other personal qualities allows to guess the desires and to understand the needs of both the painters striving to sell their paintings and the art connoisseurs striving to make the best choice while buying paintings. The main things for the owners of our online shop of paintings are the love to the business and desire to improve in this field.

Sale of paintings through the Internet gallery of paintings has a number of advantages for both buyers and sellers. Artists and owners of paintings have a comfortable service to display their artworks for free and promote their names in the art world. For buyers and fans of art it is the ability to quickly search in the catalog of paintings including thousands of artworks saving their time and efforts. This site is the place where you can in addition to buying and selling paintings and other artworks of art to communicate and to learn new things in a concentrated form, to exchange views on the art forum, to leave comments to articles and artworks, to participate in competitions.

In order to buy a painting, one should not doubt too long. The painting, which from the beginning has drawn your attention most of all and cause you have a genuine interest, most likely is the one you need. Still, the main thing is to purchase the painting that would inspire its owner, would be pleasant to him and in harmony with his inner attitude.

To find and buy a painting in our online store, use the site search. To find the desired painting you may use words from the title of the painting, as well as keywords that describe the content of the picture. The more often a painting will be demanded by search, the more chances to sell it the artist has. Therefore the owners of paintings, when adding paintings to the site, attempt to find the right keywords and phrases that describe the content of the picture. The principle of the search on this site is similar to search on any other site: in the search query you can use either one or a few words and phrases separated by spaces. It is not necessary to enter the whole word in the search field. You can type the first few letters of a word, the beginning of the word. For example, to search for the paintings having "sea" or "seascape" in their titles or keywords, it is enough to submit "sea" to the search field. As the result, you will increase the quantity of the found paintings and consequently widen your choice.

If you found a painting you like, pay attention to whether it is for sale or not. If there is an opportunity to buy the original painting, then you will see the "Buy the painting" link below it. If the painting is not for sale as the original but there is an opportunity to order the artist's hand-made copy of it, then you can find the "Order artist's copy" link below it. Having followed the link, fill in the required fields of the painting order form (your contact details and wishes on execution of the order) and press the "Submit" button. We will transfer your order to the artist, and you will receive the notification on the status of your order. You will be able to contact the artist directly and discuss the details relating to the painting order.

The price of the painting shown on the site does not include the cost of delivery to the buyer and other additional expenses such as insurance, export permit, packing and courier services. The delivery method, time and shipping cost are additionally discussed with the painting seller. You will also be able to personally discuss the options of payment with the painter.

In case the painting is already framed, then there is the "Framed" status under the picture. This means that the price of the frame is already included into the artwork cost. If it is stated "Not framed" under the painting you are about to purchase, you can either discuss the framing cost with the painter or make use of the services rendered by the nearest picture framing studio after the painting is delivered to you.

Please, take into consideration that most of the paintings for sale are at the painters’ or their representatives’ places. The city and country of residence of the artist are shown on the page with his biography. Certainly, you should consider this before buying a picture as the shipping time and cost directly depend on this. If you need a painting urgently to a certain date, for example, for a gift, it would be wiser to order or buy it from the painter living nearby. In this situation, the process of buying and shipping will be much easier and cheaper, and the time will be minimal. Ordering a painting, a hand-made artist’s copy of painting, a painting from the photograph, a hand-made copy of a famous painting or a portrait, it should be remembered that the painting creation will take certain time. Anyway, the duration of the artwork creation should be discussed with the artist or his representative in all cases.

In many cities of the world artworks are on sale in local art galleries, art salons, expositions, vernissages or simply on the streets where painters sell their paintings by themselves. It is also not unusual nowadays to sell paintings through online stores. Those who have ever done shopping through online gallery, know that the original painting may be slightly different from its photo due to a number of technical and other reasons. The photo can't transfer all completeness of perception of the real painting. However, buying paintings through the online store of paintings has a number of advantages. First of all, no traditional gallery can expose thousands of pictures of artists on a review and sale. Our catalogue contains thousands of paintings by both beginning and professional painters from around the world.

The undoubted advantage is also time saving when searching for a desired painting. And this is very convenient, because you can negotiate directly with the artist about the price and delivery of the painting to you personally. The Internet gallery works day and night and does process of the order possible from any place and at any time. But, perhaps, the main benefit is the price factor. Buying artwork through the online catalog of paintings, you make a purchase at the price of the painting owner.

Our online store of paintings brings to your attention the catalog of pictures with a wide assortment: landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, genre scenes, nudes, still lifes, portraits, painting copies and original oil paintings of different subjects.

If you need a gift in the form of a painting to anniversary or a celebration, you will be able to find it on our website. In our gallery the artworks of various genres and styles, directions and currents in art, covering any subjects and plots, executed in different technics by artists from around the world are presented.

The apparent advantage of our online gallery is the opportunity to order a painting from a photograph. It gives free play to your personal creativity. An indispensable condition for the creation of such a painting will be attention to your wishes to the plot, delivery time and cost.

Modern paintings will decorate your interior and will create the feeling of cosiness. Our website of paintings will help those who seek to decorate the apartment, the house and office, to make interesting the nursery, to find a remarkable gift in the form of a painting for their close ones.

In our gallery of paintings you can order hand-made copies of famous paintings of the great painters of the past. We will convey your order to one of our professional copyist painters. Also you can order the picture painted by the artist according to your photo. It can be a cityscape with the streets of the city loved by you, a portrait, a beautiful landscape of quiet corners of the nature and any other subject...

It is widely acknowledged that the cost of the painting depends on the skill and popularity of its artist. This has its pros and cons. Certainly, painting of the famous master will be an inspiration source, will draw attention of people around, will emphasize the status of the owner of a picture, not to mention that it is a profitable investment of capital, because paintings of the famous painters are only getting more expensive over time. If you have limited finances and want to invest your money by purchasing a painting by a promising beginning painter, please, contact us for a free consultation. It is no secret that the original paintings are always in price. The paintings correctly chosen in our online store will become more expensive in the course of time.

In order to appreciate any Russian artist in our gallery of Russian paintings, use the value of the personal rating of this artist. The greater the artist's rating, the higher his skill, assessment of his paintings by the audience, the frequency of replenishment of online exposition, the higher the demand and personal liability are. The high rating is an indicator of positive evaluation of artist's artworks by his colleagues, critics and connoisseurs of art, a sign that the sale of paintings occur regularly. All this, undoubtedly, says that the painter’s paintings will grow in price over time. The high rating is also a sign of social responsibility and personal organization of the painter. Buying a painting from the author with high rating, you obtain additional guarantee that this artist has a good reputation in our gallery and that sale of paintings will be organized by him responsibly and quickly, and creation of the hand-made copies will be executed in time and with proper quality. Each purchase of painter's paintings upgrades his rating on the website.

The final cost of a painting is determined differently in each gallery. Often the price of the painting depends on the popularity of the artist, complexity and exclusivity of the artwork and sometimes on its dimensions and year of creation. Buying a painting in an ordinary paintings gallery, you can be sure that its final cost includes additional charges on the hall rent, the salary of art critics, exposition arrangements and advertizing campaigns, as well as on the production of print media materials. In this Internet gallery they are the painters who set prices for their artworks, so there is the high probability that the purchase will cost you less.

Our paintings gallery seeks to support all painters who place their paintings on our website giving them all technical capabilities to exhibit and sell their paintings via our online store. Our gallery offers its customers the following services and options to cosily and quickly search, view and purchase paintings:

- catalogue in which paintings are divided into different categories according to their genre, style and content;

- modern design and convenient navigation on the website do extremely simple and clear use of it and viewing of expositions of artists;

- advanced search system allows to find paintings and other artworks using keywords, phrases and other parameters;

- ratings of Russian painters shows their popularity and social responsibility, as well as the assessment of their creative work by the website visitors and customers;

- online shopping allows to buy Russian artworks online at any time;

- opportunity to contact administration of the gallery and support service in real time.

Our online gallery presents a large number of paintings, ready for sale, as well as graphics, watercolors, embroidered paintings, batik, sculpture, icons, mosaics, stylish things made of glass and stained glass paintings, dolls, exclusive handicrafts and items of applied and decorative art. In our virtual gallery you can order hand-made copies of paintings, individual and family portraits. It is also possible to buy from collectors their collections of paintings by Russian, Soviet and foreign old masters.

The concept of this site is not limited to providing the possibility of creation of the personal exposition to artists of any one country or focused on a specific direction in art in general and painting in particular. We try to convey to you the greatest possible and qualitative information on the modern world of visual art. The current criterion for selection of paintings for our exhibition on the website implies the presence not only eminent and professional artists but also the perspective beginning authors.

We invite you to become the regular registered member of our website, to touch the world of beauty, make friends and admirers of your art!