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Russian Paintings gallery - painting gallery dedicated to the contemporary Russian fine art: painting, graphic arts, batic, art object, sculpture, icon, mosaic, art embroidered painting, art dolls, art glass, art enamel, hand-made copies of paintings, wall painting, аpplied arts, aerography arts, prints, giclees, posters, portrait on order, photography.

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Saralidze Iya - 'Huntress'

Saralidze Iya


60x50 cm / 23.6x19.7 in

700 USD
Dollars: 700
Euro: 658
Pounds: 572
Rubles: 41 379
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Chunosova Mariya - 'The Path of the Spirit'

Chunosova Mariya

'The Path of the Spirit'

50x40 cm / 19.7x15.7 in

761 USD
Dollars: 761
Euro: 716
Pounds: 622
Rubles: 45 000
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Chernaya Alexandra - 'African Woman'

Chernaya Alexandra

'African Woman'

60x50 cm / 23.6x19.7 in

626 USD
Dollars: 626
Euro: 589
Pounds: 512
Rubles: 37 000
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Glavnaya Yuliya - 'Wind of Life'

Glavnaya Yuliya

'Wind of Life'

50x70 cm / 19.7x27.6 in

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