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Russian Paintings Gallery - Russian paintings for sale and wholesale. Worldwide delivery
Dear visitor, Russian Paintings gallery - Russianpaintings.net - is one of the largest galleries, dedicated to the contemporary Russian fine art
(painting and sculpture). There are more than 5000 original artworks of Russian artists in our gallery for sale. The following genres
of Russian painting are presented: realism, impressionism, post-impressionism, expressionism, fantasy, surrealism, abstractionism, avant-garde.
The following themes areincluded: Russian landscape, still life, nude, genre scene, portrait. You can buy original Russian paintings
and sculptures or order high quility prints of the presented paintings. Welcome!
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Personal page of Dmitriew George was updated >>>
18 Mar 2013
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Russian paintings for sale
Krylov Vladimir - 'November. #3'
Artist: Krylov Vladimir
Title: 'November. #3'
Media: Canvas, oil
Size: 67x80 cm / 26.4x31.5 in
Year of creation: 2006
Status: For sale
Price:Ask the price
Zackalskiy Alexander - 'Ancient King'
Artist: Zackalskiy Alexander
Title: 'Ancient King'
Media: Canvas, oil
Size: 110x90 cm / 43.3x35.4 in
Year of creation: 2007
Status: For sale
Price:Ask the price
Dmitriew George - 'Among the Stormy Sea'
Artist: Dmitriew George
Title: 'Among the Stormy Sea'
Media: Canvas, oil
Size: 100x150 cm / 39.4x59.1 in
Year of creation: 2009
Status: For sale
Price:Ask the price
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Akopof Rafael - 'Nastenka' Artist: Akopof Rafael
Title: 'Nastenka'
Size: 67x110 cm / 26.4x43.3 in
Year of creation: 2002
Status: Sold
Date of sale: 28 Apr 2013
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